These are the most beautiful intelligent weims. The Weimaraner in general is a noble and graceful breed, they enjoy nice walk or a competitive run. Weimaraners love to stay by their humans side, to help with chores they've been trained to do or just to be there for emotional support. Working their brain and their body is what they strive to do. They enjoyed learning and experiencing new things.They have a passion to please their people and the ability to do it. 

Available Puppies

Accepting Deposits on Babies ready to go home at the end of September early October.


Here, you will find beautiful weimaraners that are great for the home life. They would love nothing more than to snuggle with their family and never leave their side, while still winning the game, "Are you smarter than a Weimarnaer?"

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Home, Hunting and Show READY TO GO HOME.


Now, These amazing babies come from an extensive history of, "The Best of The Best". Grand-daddy being World Champ and all, I would expect nothing less.

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World Dog Show 2016