It's nesting time!

Preparing the home for Baby Weim.

After making your deposit ;) and waiting to bring home baby weim, you get to take this time to prepare the family and the home with all the essentials. Take this time to watch dog movies. Get educated on training through YoutTube, books and trainers. Discuss the house rules for the new pup. On the couch or off? sleeps in bed or not? Most habits are hard to break once learned.  Set baby weim up for success.  Talk to friends and family and try to find a vet you think you will be happy with. And lets stock the house with all the new baby goodies. :) 

      Let's see, What do we need.......keeping it to the bare necessities of course. :)


*Food Storage Container

*Stainless Steel food Bowl and water Bowl, maybe a replenishing water bowl- My suggestion is going to the farm store or large pet store and picking these out yourselves and then if it's cheaper buy it online or support your local business.

*Attached and easy to remove Water bowl for crate- again, you will have a large dog sooner than later, you might want to check these out in store as well.

*Pee pads or news papers for crate or your preferred location 

*Crate- Check sizes and bed size, plus potty room. Your male weim can be 27 by 27 not including his neck and head.


*Collar with tag* a chip is good but a tag might be better ASAP (an honest person will call the number on the tag, make it easy for people to help baby come home at any unforeseen moment.

*Baby Shampoo will do 

*Nuvet-We all need to use extra nutrients nowadays, with our farming changing it's ways. Our Food just isn't as dense as it once was, with all the goodness. That's why those store bought Tomato or cucumber (any food) taste nothing like a good old fashioned homegrown Tomato or cucumber . It's missing it's dense nutrients, hence flavor and also the reason we consume more food/calories. We are still trying to feed our bodies nutrients, what our bodies know they need.

*Fish oil

*Flea medicine

*Nail cutters and Files

*Toys and Chews, just to name a few.

*Treats- There's a page for that. lol

Scroll down and look at the different types of items you might be interested in.

Let's Shop Around

Potty Pads


Couch Cover?


Home Tags


Flea and Tick

Trimming Nails