They learn best after they have played or ran out their wiggles. Really nice puppy training videos on YouTube as well. Paying a professional is so well worth the money. Call and get some quotes. ;) It's not as expensive as you think and makes a huge difference and a lifelong obedient companion. When you are teaching, as soon as your puppy does it (whatever you are wanting), give him his small treat fast and say good.  Teach in a quite area with no distractions and after the wiggles are out. Her name. Have her in front of you and say Layla, Layla, Layla and as soon as she looks you in the eye, give her that treat! Work fast now, she must connect what she just did was good, and she got a treat. So, she will want to do it again. It’s a game... In just five minutes or so, you have just taught her her name. Take time every day for the simple commands.  Basic commands: No, Sit, Stay, come, down, , heal, jump, shake, roll over. Listening to one  syllable words and not sentences, is what they do best. Teach in small increments. They are like a young child; they only can stay focused a short time. Make it count.   

Training should start immediately; They will learn quickly. Leash training is easy as well, make sure collar is high under puppy’s neck, right under his chin. Puppy needs to learn to walk beside you, not in front of you. You are leader of the pack. Your leash should always be straight down by your side and puppy should always be on left side. Let him get used to having it connected and then you will start by just calling him to you with leash on. Then you will start walking a few ft, holding the leash by your side loosely, never show tension through the leash, they will tense up. You have control and let no fear or stress run down the leash, stand tall and never hunch over, you are leader and most confident. Then you will have him walk beside you as you feed him treats (just about 5 ft) and turn to the right, Keep letting him know he is doing good. Next, you will start stopping every few seconds and get him to stop too, by your side, and every time he stops by your side, don’t forget his treat. If he runs in front of you, you must tug gently on leash and step in front of him, then continue. If puppy ever gets distracted in walks. Tug gently but securely on leash to the right, as to say, Hey snap out of it. He will get back focused. I just chop up hot dogs or small meat or vegetables into small bits for treats (don’t want their belly to filll up too fast) In a zip lock bag.